Friday, 18 September 2009

HARDtalk: Helen Clark

HARDtalk, the BBC programme showing “in-depth interviews with hard-hitting questions and sensitive topics being covered as famous personalities from all walks of life talk about the highs and lows in their lives”, today features an interview with Helen Clark, the head of UNDP (and former prime minister of New Zealand), on the Millennium Development Goals. The programme blurb is: “In September 2000, the Millennium Declaration was ratified. One hundred and eighty nine nations committed themselves to the Millennium Development Goals - a plan to reduce poverty, tackle hunger and improve education and healthcare by 2015. Jon Sopel talks to Helen Clark, the woman tasked with delivering this on behalf of the United Nations. But how much progress has been made and can these sweeping targets ever be achieved?” It’s available here for the next 12 months. Well worth watching.