Monday 5 July 2010

‘Easy latrines’

The Industrial Designers Society of America has given one of its Gold International Design Excellence Awards to ‘Easy Latrine’, a pour-flush toilet developed for rural Cambodia. The IDEA ‘Easy Latrine’ webpage says:

The Easy Latrine is the first $30, affordable and sustainable latrine design that consists of a squat pan, slab, catchment box, pipe and offset storage rings, making household sanitation decisions easy.

The IDE Canada ‘Easy Latrine’ webpage says it costs USD 25.

See the YouTube video here [costs are reported as USD 25 minimum and USD 30 maximum.].

►Check out the 1984 World Bank TAG Technical Note ‘Manual on the Design, Construction and Maintenance of Low-Cost Pour-Flush Waterseal latrines in India’ by the late A. K. Roy (the pioneer of low-cost sanitation in India) and his colleagues. You’ll find a pour-flush toilet design essentially the same as the ‘Easy Latrine’.