Friday, 24 September 2010

UN MDG Summit − 2

Just a few of the many webpages and blogs on the UN MDG Summit:

1. Vivien Foster, World Bank (blog): ‘Infrastructure − paramount issue for Africa’ + excellent video.

2. WHO (webpage): Millennium Development Goals.

3. WaterAid (webpage): Heads of State and UN Secretary General urge action on sanitation and water.

4. Jesse Garcia, Transparency International (blog): Countdown to the millennium development goals summit.

5. Craig Fagan, Transparency International (blog): Live from the MDG summit, or perhaps not?

6. Anthony Painter (blog): Must try harder- NGOs verdict on MDG Summit.

7. IDS, University of Sussex (webpage): World leaders meeting at UN MDG Summit must agree new direction – check out the ‘Related publication’ at the foot of the page (it’s well worth reading).

8. BBC (webpage): Uneven progress of UN Millennium Development Goals.

9. The White House (webpage): Obama’s Remarks at Millennium Development Goals Summit.

10. Amnesty International (webpage): MDG Summit: World leaders fail to uphold rights of the poorest.

11. Simon Trace, Practical Action (blog): From the ‘Millennium Development Goal’ (MDG) summit in New York.

12. DFID (webpage): 2010 UN MDG Summit.

►The last of these, DFID’s news story, starts off like this:

With only five years to go, we can no longer afford to talk in vague terms about “accelerating progress” on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).
This September we are calling on world leaders to come together at the UN to agree in concrete terms a global development action plan to meet the millennium promise to halve global poverty once and for all.
In order to achieve this plan, we will need three things: accountability, credibility and political will.

No chance then.